Shan Boodram: The Woman Every Woman Should Know About

If ever there was a ‘girl boss’, this is the one.

Shan Boodram (Shan Boody on YouTube) is a sex-positive educator in an accessible way no others are doing. The effortlessly cool, well spoken and always enjoyable to watch Canadian speaks openly about sex, empowerment and knowing and loving yourself; embodied by the engraving on her new vibrator necklaces (yes, vibrator necklaces) being ‘I Own It, They Love It’.

(photo credit: Crave (sellers of Shan’s necklace retailing $69)

Shan has been in the game a long while, and released her book ‘Laid’ back in 2009 which focussed on young people’s experiences, her own of which she has discussed openly in her YouTube videos. The open character of this woman makes her a pleasure to watch whatever the topic. In her most recent video she reveals how her new show Fullscreen ‘Your Perfect Date’ was not the tidal wave she expected, but another little wave in the ocean which is her stand out career. In this she concludes she has to pick herself up and keep kicking the ball even if she has to be her own cheerleader, an inspiring message clearly articulated that every woman needs to hear from time to time.

From videos about what she terms her ‘open relationship’, to how to be sensually attractive, to discussions with her LGBT friends, to open conversations with her parents about being a young woman growing up and her decision to be a sex educator, there truly is something for everyone.


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