Why you shouldn’t be nervous to buy a bikini and the best place to shop for one on the British high street | BEDJ


Late last month British model and self-love activist Sonny Turner went to buy a bikini and her experience made the press, although it was no more than most of us go through.

As a plus-size model for brands such as BooHoo, she had earlier this year gone to Ibiza to do swimwear modelling. Part of the problem with swimwear and fashion generally is the classification of ‘plus size’ as anything above a UK size 14 when in reality these women are the average size. It’s ridiculous to consider any size human difficult to cater to, however here stores are finding a way. The most damaging aspect is retailers are also making people feel guilty in the process and perpetuating an idea that a size 14 is not a healthy weight, when in many cases it is.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 17.28.07.png
Sonny in Ibiza modelling swim wear for BooHoo Plus. Photo thanks to Sonny’s instagram.

Last week she drew attention to the lack of swimwear available to curvier women on the British high street. Here is her original post in which she states the standards brands need to raise their bar to in order to cater to their customers. Clearly ill fitting and not thought through, you’re forced to consider who the designer of the piece was and who they thought their audience was. How can a designer of high street clothes not consider the diversity of their consumer base? No one assumes a girl who in size 8 in underwear must also be a 26A and not a 38D, so why does it change for swimwear? If they can do it for underwear, they by extension should and must do it for swimwear.

Sonny’s ‘demands’ include things as simple as that under-wire is needed in bras. She stated nothing more than the obvious points, but her eloquency through pictures and words made media giants such as the Huffington Post and The Sun stand up and take notice.
Today was my turn to go bikini shopping, and though I am usually a Size 12 I still found it a struggle. I noticed that barely any bras I tried on had under-wiring which I would assume to be standard, and even less had any shape to them at all being essentially bralettes. In the end, neither I bought had wiring and I’m thankful that’s not a problem for me, but it seems ridiculous to be discriminating against women with bigger breasts.

Primark, somewhat surprisingly, came out on top. They had three styles of bras that catered for people size DD-F coming in black, pink and a tropical print with both back and halter neck straps. Priced at £8 they were still attractive instead of boring like the ones priced much higher in M&S and John Lewis making them the shop I would recommend to you. I also found a swimsuit which claimed to have ‘tummy control’ to ‘love your curves’ for £8… whatever it’s doing for my body, I’m living for the colour.


I once read somewhere that you should do whatever your best beauty routine is before hand (make-up, body lotion etc.) or you’ll never find one you like. Changing room lighting is absolutely awful, I never even knew I have cellulite until I stepped into the changing room today, but in the end I agree with Sonny – #everyBODYisbeautiful.


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