Has ‘Self Love’ Turned Into ‘Self Obsession’? | BEDJ

Self love is by far one of the best medicines on the planet. Whatever is troubling you, if you believe you will love and look after yourself through everything, every problem will seem less painful and significant.

This, obviously, starts not when the world is crashing and burning around you, but many months before.

It happens through reading positive statements about how to love yourself, listening to songs such as ‘***Flawless’  and following people on social media who also practice expressing self love to learn how.

It’s deeply needed when living in a misogynistic culture where the media tells women that they should want to be thinner and prettier and to be jealous of other women’s achievements. All this whilst telling us about “how to lose ten pounds in two days!” and other fake articles which don’t teach us how to love or improve ourselves.

The self love aspect in the media is badly needed.

However where is the line between self love and flipping the elitism so someone believes they are better? Is ‘bow down bitches’ in ‘***Flawless’ and posting an instagram page full of selfies an expression of self love or self obsession?

The initial stages of self love culture brought about changes that help everyone it affects for the better. However the culture of self obsession swarming social media and other outlets is also stoked by the self love culture.

Obviously, self love does not need to go. We just need to be aware of this tendency to obsess over ourselves and look out for signs. If you see a sign, do something for another person. Or remember to ask people questions about themselves too. Post a throw back your friends.

Self love is important, but expressing love to everyone is important too.


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