Healthy Social Media Diet: Why Models in Bikinis Can Harm Us | BEDJ

There is nothing wrong with the human body in any shape or size it comes in. There is nothing wrong with loving your body, and wanting to show it off to the world – even if it isn’t in the best shape you personally are aspiring for.

I have noticed a recent trend on Instagram, of people posting bikini pictures with a caption along the lines of “this isn’t usually my kind of content” or “never posted a picture like this before but” and I want to say why I think this quiet posting of one or two pictures per person could make such a big change.

I support this movement because the endless amounts of pictures of models and fitness trainers doing poses that make their waist look smaller and ass look great are not what the average person’s healthy social media diet should consist of.

The most important thing to remember about models and fitness trainers is it is literally their job to stay at a level of attractiveness unattainable to most people or they wouldn’t be inspiring enough to generate profit. I repeat, it’s their job. Mostly they even have a nutritionist telling them what to eat and a personal trainer giving them an exercise regime. Never mind not having to find the time to get to the gym around work, they don’t have to decide what to do when they get there either.

Your social media diet in an age where many of us spend hours on social media per day is almost important to our wellbeing as our food diet. What we consume online can drastically alter our mental health as consuming the wrong things creates negative inner monologues that haunt us even offline.

I’m not saying that models shouldn’t be part of your social media diet. Lots of models, particularly those from a fitness back ground, are inspiring in the right way. It isn’t wrong to want glutes and abbs. But much like our food diet, balance is key.

If looking like these models is going to take a long hard amount of working out and healthy eating which just doesn’t look easily attainable to you, join the team. However when you look at pictures of these people every day, in this culture where we want and expect results fast, you’re going to be looking in the mirror in a month and thinking “why don’t I look like them yet?”

The majority of bikini wearing people coming out on Instagram saying things such as “I don’t usually post pictures like this but” don’t look like fitness models. I posted one with a similar caption, and I most definitely don’t. We still posted them, though – and that’s the most important thing.

By all taking pride in our bodies and saying “I look great and I want the world to know” we are altering the dietary range which is available on Instagram and making it healthier for all. Each photo I have seen the person has looked great. In each photo I have seen the person looked strong and beautiful and a lot of that has been due to that they are confident in who they are and how they look.

I urge you to take a look at your social media diet, and diversify it. More races, more genders, more shapes and sizes; and I can almost guarantee you will feel more confident and see more beauty in the world.


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