Dodie’s New EP ‘You’ – Nobody’s ‘In The Middle’ About It

Everyone’s fave singer is back at it again with her second EP; and if she isn’t your fave already she should be.

This morning she released her new single ‘6/10‘; a catchy melodic tune about feeling just above okay, an easy listen that can calm the most restless of souls. First heard in August 2016 when uploaded as a piano demo to her YouTube channel ‘DoddleOddle‘, the song has since then wracked up almost three million views. Unsurprisingly this has led to it being the chosen song lead the excitement to the release of her second EP.

As with Dodie’s signature style consistent with her first EP ‘Intertwined’, released less than eight months ago, her vocal melodies lead the song. The ability Dodie has to make her voice lead the songs makes them seem homely to her audience, many of whom have heard them before as demos on YouTube. The creative addition of strings and extra vocals however lead to an exciting remastered version fresh to the ears.

A post shared by dodie (@doddleoddle) on Jan 9, 2017 at 8:17am PST


Although I love her piano based songs, Dodie hasn’t forgotten her roots. Two of her songs featuring on the new EP ‘Would You Be So Kind‘ and ‘You‘ have been uploaded as demos played on ukulele on YouTube already. Dodie first became successful as a ukulele wielding teenager and saw success with songs like ‘Absolutely Smitten‘ which eventually featured on her first EP as a professional masterpiece.

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The track list she has already released for the second EP also includes ‘In The Middle‘ which resonated perfectly with her audience when she played it on her headline UK tour earlier this year. When listening, you will hear why the track was successfully received by her audience as a ‘bisexual anthem’. Dodie has always been vocal about being openly queer since she uploaded ‘She‘ in 2014 and keeps her support of LGBT+ close to her heart. Her most recent song called ‘I’m Bisexual‘ was uploaded to YouTube during LGBT+ month showing the value she places on vocally being part of and supporting the LGBT+ community.

A post shared by dodie (@doddleoddle) on Jun 1, 2017 at 8:30am PDT


As well as being a gorgeous singer, she has a heartwarming personality which shows through in her songs gives them the infectious feeling that makes you want to listen over and over and over. Paying close attention to the lyrics is also well worth your time as she is a tremendous song writer and pours tonnes of emotion into every line.

Happy listening!

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