On Motivation – Inspired by Shan Boodram

Today I have been thinking lots about motivation to do work. Gaining attention and praise is a massive motivator for me, and when no one is taking notice of what I am doing I wonder if it’s worth it. Trying to find the energy inside myself to keep going with projects that don’t have a clear end goal when no one is taking notice either is almost impossible; therefore I have to like what I do.


This feeling got me thinking about one of the most poignant pieces of advice I have received from Shan Boody, and one I think about lots when I have to keep putting in little bits of work but don’t have any massive projects to even work on. In her video titled ‘My Career is Not a Fairytale‘ she discusses how her Fullscreen series ‘Shan Boody is Your Perfect Date’ didn’t have the media hype she anticipated but is instead a smaller wave amongst the many in her ocean. She talks about the stillness of the ocean when nothing seems to be happening for you, and the worth of being your own motivator.

Success is not about the biggest wave; the ocean is a continuous cycle of little waves, little currents. That is what creates rocks into sand. It’s that non-stop resilient beating against the shore that just never ever ceases. – Shan Boodram


Obviously Shan is leagues ahead of me, but her philosophy on life is one I really respect and want to implement into my own psyche. Especially as the game she is playing as a sexologist might be similar to the game I want to play.

If you don’t feel like anyone’s passing you the ball in the game that you’re in right now, start your own game. – Shan Boodram

I started this blog because I feel as though no one is passing me the ball. I have failed to find employment and failed to see volunteer opportunities arise that could help me be more productive and find my path in life; so starting putting the pressure on myself to do a blog post every day is motivating myself to try to find some useful skills. Some days like today, the feeling that there is nothing I am really supposed to be doing is crushing and makes me feel worthless, however remembering that any action I take today could be a little wave is inspiring and motivating.

If it wasn’t for Shan Boodram making this video on her own struggles with finding success and having to motivate myself, my opinion of self-motivation would be much poorer. So thank you, Shan.



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