‘StyleLikeU’: Expression of Self-Love Through Style | BEDJ

Despite never having been particularly interested in fashion or style, this week I’ve found myself binge watching ‘The What’s Underneath Project‘ by StyleLikeU. This is unlike any fashion show I have seen before. The participants start off styled and whilst revealing their honest views and personal history and so becoming metaphorically naked, they also take… Read More ‘StyleLikeU’: Expression of Self-Love Through Style | BEDJ

Dressed ‘ToThe9s’: Effortless and Gorgeous

“CLOTHE YOURSELVES WITH COMPASSION, KINDNESS, HUMILITY, GENTLENESS AND PATIENCE” – colossians 3:12 (the end card of every ToThe9s video) Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan have for years been my favourite fashion YouTubers for their clear vision, slick editing, and obviously gorgeous outfits – and now they’re stepping up the game even further. Famous for their… Read More Dressed ‘ToThe9s’: Effortless and Gorgeous

Shan Boodram: The Woman Every Woman Should Know About

If ever there was a ‘girl boss’, this is the one. Shan Boodram (Shan Boody on YouTube) is a sex-positive educator in an accessible way no others are doing. The effortlessly cool, well spoken and always enjoyable to watch Canadian speaks openly about sex, empowerment and knowing and loving yourself; embodied by the engraving on… Read More Shan Boodram: The Woman Every Woman Should Know About